Alan Antonio Ruić has a penchant for language, photography, and technology.

After a short stint with mechanical engineering in Aachen, Germany, he earned a master’s degree in languages and literature from The University of Split, Croatia, double-majoring in English and Italian. Between university and now he has worked, amongst other things, as a marketing and sales manager for The Lomographic Society International and as a sales manager distributing a social media management tool by the name of With Kaleidoscope where he is responsible for business development he has finally returned to the language industry.


Currently the blog has the following categories:

  • Insight — is supposed to offer new perspectives and inspiration.

  • On Photography — deals with concepts and ideas instead of technicalities.

  • Fashion&Lifestyle — runs in conjunction with @dashing_insta.

  • Video — These are crossposts of videos I’ve created.

  • German — For the locals I translate & adapt some of my posts to German.